04 April 2012

Living Room Changes

We got so much done around the house when Phil and Cindy were in town! I could not thank them enough. The most major project that happened was painting the living room and hanging the t.v. on the wall. What started out as a simple "let's-hang-the-tv" project turned into painting, replacing outlet covers,  and electrical issues. I'm thrilled with the final result, though!

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what our living room looks like now. 

 This is the view from the front door.
 I finally got around to hanging my favorite mirror that has been sitting in the office since we moved it. The main reason I hadn't hung it before now was because I wasn't sure how to. Phil taught me how to properly use wall anchors. Ha!
 The newly mounted t.v.! We just got this t.v. for a smokin' deal. Our friends' recently renovated their basement and bought a new t.v. and wanted to sell this one. It's about 2 years old, 42" Sony and we paid $200. Score!
This is the view from the corner by the kitchen.

This room still has a long way to go. Things I want to do include:
-Replace the coffee-table-turned-t.v.-stand with an actual t.v stand (and repurpose the coffee table into a toy table for Eva)
-Buy a chair for the corner where the extra kitchen table chair is now. 
-Replace the cheap-o rug at some point down the road with a slightly bigger, more comfortable to sit and play on rug.
-Sew new pillow covers to incorporate the new color scheme.
-Touch up the paint on the molding. 
-Replace the thermostat so that it's a crisp white to match the molding and outlet covers (and the current one doesn't seem to work very well).
-Put up a faux board and batten treatment on the wall where the front door is.
-Rehang my gallery wall above the board and batten treatment.

This is my inspiration picture for the board and batten treatment. (Image from here). 
This would add for us some much needed storage and an area to hang coats. It will also make it look more like an entry way and less like you were just dumped right into the living room.

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