07 April 2012

Hunting for Eggs

Eva experienced her first Easter egg hunt today. It was less of a hunt and more of a bunch of eggs plopped down all over a playground, but she enjoyed it nonetheless. The weather was great for us, as you can see from the pictures, lots of sun! She really enjoyed putting the eggs in her basket and was thrilled when she discovered they were fully of "canny." 

 Eva is starting to get the hang of "cheese!" I made her basket from a Goodwill $2 basket, some spray paint, and leftover fabric and ribbon. I think it turned out pretty cute!
 Coloring before the egg hunt.
 Easter Bunny and McGruff the Crime Dog.
 Eva with her little friends, Ady and Malcolm.
 Waiting semi-patiently for the egg hunt to begin.
 Getting the hang of it!
 Happy with a basket full o' eggs and "canny!"

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