06 May 2012

Two on May Two

Well, it's official. We have a terrible, I mean terrific, two-year-old. I know it's very cliche to say "I can't believe she's already {insert age here}," but I truly can't believe it. I remember that day she was born so vividly still. I wonder if that ever goes away. I am so incredibly thankful to have Eva as my daughter. 

Eva and I had a great day celebrating her on her actual birthday, May 2nd. We headed to the Tacoma Children's Museum on the morning which she loves. We park and ride the link (commuter train) down to the museum and she thinks that is a treat all in itself. On the way back, we stopped at a cupcake shop and had a little birthday treat. 

We celebrated her birthday with family last night. It was very low-key, just the way I wanted it. Even though Eva (and we) are not lucky enough to live near our entire extended family, we feel fortunate to live near a few, and Eva adores each and every one of them!

 Banana Split Cupcakes
 Homemade party maracas

 Thank you, everyone! Eva was showered with wonderful new toys!
 Getting some help with the big stuff from Jayne

 So happy to have cousins to celebrate with!

 Fun bubble mower from Grandma & Grandpa
 Maia's message to Eva

 It's rare to share when you're 2! This is too cute :)

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