21 March 2012

Pinterest Challenge

Some of my favorite blogs (Young House Love and Bower Power) issued a Pinterest Challenge last week. Basically, you pick something that you've pinned and do it, make it, cook it, etc. I didn't make the imposed deadline of last Wednesday for my project, but did finally finish things up today. 

I made a set of easy curtains panels for the window above the kitchen sink.

And I made this DIY cake stand to be used to hold hand soap and the sponge near the sink. 

For this project, I used a candle stick and plate from the dollar store. They were both glass, which didn't bode well for spray painting them white, but for $2, I'm not complaining. 

P.S. Please don't judge my cleaning abilities by how dirty the grout is on the kitchen counters. I hate tile kitchen counters and realllly want new ones... yeah, that's not happening any time soon! :(

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