07 March 2012

Again With The Little Things

I've got the spring cleaning bug. Not to be confused with the nesting bug, because I'm certainly not doing that again just yet. Either way, I've been on a mission to organize everything in the house. Last night, I refolded all the sheets in the linen closet (I'll spare you those earth shattering details). 

So, while browsing Pinterest, my fave site, I came across these handy spice container organizers. I hate having to rummage around looking for spices. And I hate even more when I buy a duplicate spice because I (or my guy) didn't look very hard through the clutter. Anyways, my new fancy spice organizers came in the mail today. It was actually kind of funny when I checked the mail and saw a box. I am expecting a shower curtain that I ordered, and had forgotten about the spice organizers, actually. The box was super small so I thought to myself "how the heck did they fit the shower curtain in here?!" Then, I thought "crap! I ordered the wrong size or something and I'm going to have to return it and I hate returning online orders." So, you can imagine my joy when I saw my forgotten spice organizers AND didn't get a dollhouse sized shower curtain! 

Anyways, here's a picture of the crowded, messy spice cabinet before.
 And here's my little assisstant hard at work inspecting the spices.

 And the finished product!

I had intended on checking all the expiration dates while I was at it, but I forgot. And to be honest, it's kind of funny to me when Ryan comes across a spice that's been expired for a few years. It realllly wigs him out! He's got a thing with expiration dates. I'm more of the if it smells/looks/tastes fine, then it's fine.

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