21 February 2012

Mid-Winter Break Day #2

Eva and I had another wonderful day together. We started our day again with a donut! Her little friend, Miles, turned 2 today and we met him and all of their other little friends at Pao's Donuts. I had never even heard of Pao's before, but it was the cutest little place. All they serve is donuts and coffee. The donuts were delicious, the coffee was good. We'll definitely be back. 

After Eva crashed from her sugar high, it took me an hour to get her to take a nap, but once she did fall asleep I snuggled up with her in our bed. I should have been doing something else with my time, but I decided I only get so many opportunities to snuggle with my girl, so I took advantage!

This afternoon we took a walk over the University of Puget Sound. The campus is so beautiful and Eva enjoyed romping around in the leaves. She choose to ride in her little pink car versus her stroller and insisted on pushing it around campus herself. 

 She had her eye on a colorful, wood mushroom.

 And she learned the name for a fire hydrant.

And now I must go because as I typed this Eva colored all over the hardwood floor with dry erase marker. I'm ready to go back to work! :)

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