20 February 2012

QT with my little lady

I'm on mid-winter break this week which is great because I was in serious need of some QT with my little girl. I love working part-time, but I do miss Eva when I'm gone. The great thing about teaching, though, is I seem to get a break just when I need it. 

We had a nice little morning together. First, we spent some time in the playroom tending to the babies. I don't know what it is about little girls and baby dolls, but Eva is obsessed with her babies right now.

Then, we took a walk up to Starbucks for milk and donuts! I love living so close to the grocery store, Starbucks, and the park. It makes our morning walk such a treat and we both really enjoy it. 

Eva's next favorite thing to do (or possibly her first) is play on a slide. Up and down, up and down she goes. She couldn't care less that it was still wet from the morning rain. She probably went on the slide 30+ times. 

 Next up were the swings which elicited equal squeals of delight!

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