22 February 2012

Portland & More Donuts

We're on day #3 of our totally unplanned donut-eating binge. I can't say that it's been all bad.

Eva, my mom, and I headed down to Portland today to go to their Home & Garden Show. My most favorite ever bloggers, John and Sherry, from Young House Love were speaking at the show and I scored tickets to their seminar. I'm slightly obsessed with their blog. I read it religiously and sometimes check back twice or three times per day to see if there's anything new. Thank goodness for my iPhone. :) 

I totally blew it and didn't get my picture taken with them. I think it was partly that I didn't want to me all awkward and say "oh my gosh oh my gosh i love you guys can i take a picture with you!?" and partly that Eva was screaming "walk!" at the top of her lungs meaning she wanted the get the heck out of the stroller... and soon. I did get a signed picture of them though. They're my little blogger-celebrity-crushes. 

My mom was so awesome to come along (she even drove!) and entertain Eva while I went to the seminar. She said Eva did great although I did catch wind that she may have bribed Eva with a few pieces of candy. 

After the home show, we went over to Voodoo Donuts. This was actually completely unplanned, but we finished a little earlier than expected, and didn't want to get back on the road until it was time for Eva to fall asleep. I'd heard of Voodoo Donuts before, it was even on some must-try-food show at some point, so I thought it would be fun to check it out. Their donuts are outrageous.

We went with the Voodoo Dozen. They pick your flavors though. I think the girl who picked for us had a love affair with sugary cereals! 

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