19 January 2009

A Picture A Day - Day 1 - 1/19/09

Ryan had an idea to take one picture everyday as a way to document a little better our adventures and what not. So, this is the start of that.

I had a wonderful day today, with my friend Kim, touring the Kitsap Peninsula. Kim loves to take day trips and since I have not seen much of the area, we thought we'd use our day off from work to do just that. We spent about 3 or 4 hours driving and enjoying the beautiful scenery that Washington has to offer. We went through Seabeck, Poulsbo, Port Gamble, Hood Canal area, and Silverdale. My favorite place was definitely Poulsbo. For those of you who aren't familiar with the area, Poulsbo is an old Norwegian town with an adorable waterfront downtown area with cute shops, restaurants and bakeries. The weather was amazing today and we enjoyed walking around and exploring our destinations. Kim was a great tour guide!

So, as for the picture a day...

This picture was taken at Scenic Beach State Park in Seabeck. It was very foggy and we couldn't see much, but the way the sun was shining through this tree just looked amazing.

So, the plan is that Ryan and I will alternate days with the camera to take a picture for the day. We want to try to do this for a year. I think it will be really fun to look back after the year is over and see what we've been up to and remember all the fun things we did. We look forward to sharing this with our friends and family too!

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Nate and Jenny said...

That is a great idea. I am excited to see all the fun things you guys are up to. That picture is awesome. It looks like one that should be entered into a photography contest. Love you guys and miss you tons!