20 January 2009

Day 2 - 1/20/09

Happy no more Bush day! Seriously I feel like I just ate some really bad seafood and it was sitting and digesting for 8 years and now, today, I pooped out the rotting seafood...it was a sweet day. Also, go Obama! Seriously, I hope Bush writes a book called "Using the Internets for Dummies and How to make 270 million people hate you when you are the decider." So, that's all I have to say about that.

Another great thing about today is that it was Trivia Night at the Hy-ui-hee-hee (that's Gig Harbor talk for redneck bar). Anyyo, on Tuesdays, the Megatron, myself, and Mark and Valda (my bro and sis in lizznaw) go duke it out for 3 grueling rounds of trivia against an angry mom of obese school teachers and old people with weird curly moustaches and broken legs. The competition is fierce, the announcer chick's microphone always cuts out and I swear the people that sit at the bar top cheat...just like the computer used to cheat when I used to play Nintendo as a kid. Any way, we didn't win, but we had a lot of fun.

We came home to our little Louie and he always likes to hide from us under the bedside table of my office where he hides the pens that he likes to chew. He's pretty essneaky. Also, yesterday he ate a huge chocolate bar that Mega's mom had in her suitcase...he also ate the foil it was wrapped in which was obvious after we took him for a walk the next day and got a nice, shiny surprise. Louie has some kind of death wish...he's like, "Oh chocolate, I love you but if I eat too much of you it will kill me! I still love you chocolate!...you too foil."

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