28 February 2008

"The Dog"

So, Ryan was a little bummed that I didn't include a picture of our insane dog, Louie, on our first blog. So, here he is. For those of you that don't know Louie, he's a Boston terrier/pug mix. He's a year and a half old, but still acts like a puppy. He chews everything in sight, bounces off the walls (literally), licks like a fool, and thinks he's the toughest guy on the block. Needless to say, he's quite the challenge, but he's a keeper. Just check out the picture... he makes the saying "he's so ugly he's cute" a reality.

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Heather said...

Hey Toots! You guys beat us to it! I have started a blog, but yah, that's about it! I need to get on the wagon! Dang! Everyone has one! Anyways, with the little time that Ky and I have we have really gotten into Lost! Way to go, you've got us addicted already! Can you believe it? We really love it! We are on disc 2 and movin fast! Thanks! By the way... do you have season 2 on dvd? Yah, we need it! :) I love your blog, nice work, cats! Late!~