27 February 2008

First Blog!

Hello family & friends! This is our first official blog as Mr. & Mrs. Lewis (well, not officially Mrs. Lewis yet cause I procrastinate...one day, I promise!). First, let's get everyone up to speed on our post wedding life. After the wedding, (which, by the way, thanks to everyone who could make it...it was truly the most amazing day) Ryan and I both started school again full time as ASU. We both also work at a restaurant that we lovingly refer to as Chucks (Charlestons, really), full-time. In September, Ryan bought a new truck, a 2007 Toyota Tacoma. It's great to finally have two cars to use. Ryan's old car, a sweet 1990 Nissan Sentra, broke down like clockwork every two months and smelled like feet. Needless to say, we drove my car everywhere! Anyways, he's really excited about his new mode of transportation as am I. Time flew, as usual, and soon it was November and time for us to head back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to spend Thanksgiving with my family. The trip was awesome and worked out perfectly because we were able to be there for Ryan's cousin Michael's wedding. Also, another stellar event! Next thing we knew it was Christmas (and my birthday!). Since this was our first Christmas as a married couple we tried to incorporate some of our own, new traditions. We went to the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve which was great even though Ryan spends most of his time making fun on everyone, but he still enjoys the music and promised to go with me again this year. Later that night, we joined the Lewis' for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner at George & Sons (a Chinese restaurant in Scottsdale). We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and ended the night with opening presents! Ryan and I got an awesome Dyson vacuum cleaner from his parents that we love. We soon after realized how completely lame we are now that we're married because we get excited about new vacuum cleaners, but this baby sucks, literally! Okay, I feel like this blog is getting a little out of control, so I'll give you the quick play-by-play since Christmas. We're both taking 18 credits this semester, working full-time, our dog is still insane, we never see each other, but life has never been better! Oh, and we're officially addicted to "LOST" and are working our way towards getting Ryan's whole family on board. Phil and Cindy already love it and next is Heather and Kyle. Whew, how's that for a six month blog? Well, we love and miss everyone and stayed tuned for more in the life of Ryan and Meghan. Ta ta for now.


Trish said...

Hey Cousin (and Cousin's Hubby)!

Your Dad sent me a link so I figured I'd check out your site. FYI, I think I'm going to be in Scottsdale come 9/22 for a conference (at the FireSky Resort). Not sure yet of the full plans but I'll keep you posted once I know and if you're both in town we should go out one night. :-)

Glad you're enjoying married life and maybe I'll see you later this year.

LaNi said...

AAAHHHH i LOVE LOST! my boyfriend and i are obsessed with it actually. but people are falling off the wagon because it's so crazy, so it's great to have someone new that's into it! LOL

Diggie Smalls said...

You know that I'm not going to stand by and let you get away with this. Not the fact that you're talking about life on the webernet, but rather that you and Megatron have a joint blog. It's on like Donkey Kong.

Michael said...

Do you have the previous Seasons on DVD?? If not you should get a Netflix account ASAP and force feed them a season every weekend!

Ryan said...

Louie! Welcome to the weblogernet. I loved the invitation and I have to agree with you and Meghan about Lost. Last year (my 2nd year of law school) I discovered Lost and watched the first 2 seasons in about 8 days. (Put the girls down at 8, Lost until 2am)Yeah, uh that was not the most productive week of law school.
Anyways guys... Welcome!