16 March 2008

Spring Break in Mexico...or was that Alaska?

Just got back from my week long trip to the last frontier. Spent most of my time visiting with friends and family, but the highlight of my trip was meeting Beryl's daughter (for those that don't know, I've known Beryl since 3rd grade)! Macey Kai was born on March 3rd, so she was just a wee 5-day-old when I met her. I also got to catch up with a lot of the other girls I grew up with at their weekly "ladies night," which no one told me was actually "mommy's night" since at least half of them have babies now! Also during my trip, Naomi and I thought we'd try snowboarding again for the first time in a decade. Boy, was that interesting! We rode the tram all the way up Alyeska, got strapped in, and sat there. We literally had ourselves so psyched out that we were ready to ride the tram back down the mountain and trade our snowboards for skis. Fortunately, my brother Mike caught us and encouraged us to just try. So, we did...and it was great! I don't think they're going to invite us to the X-games next year, but we had fun and we are sans broken bones. Hope you like the pictures from my trip down memory lane and I hope everyone happy and healthy wherever you are! ...Oh, right, some of you may be wondering where Ryan was while I was in Alaska. He stayed here in Arizona (I don't think he was too excited about hanging out with my girlfriends and their kids), but let's just say he found plenty to do to keep himself busy. I'll leave you with two words and if you know Ryan it will make perfect sense ... "Nintendo Olympics."

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