08 January 2012

An Hour in the Life of Eva

Some of Eva's new favorite activities including coloring and playing on the iPad. She asks for "colors" and "paper" almost daily. We tape sheets of white paper to the table and let her go to town. She's also developing a slight obsession with the iPad. It's amazing how quickly she figured out how to use it. Before, all she wanted to do was watch her beloved "gabba" (Yo Gabba Gabba) on it, but now she really likes looking at the toddler flashcards and books, too. She pulls up the addition and subtraction games I have on their for my students, too, because they make lots of noise which she likes.

Eva loves purses and bags, likes to carry them around the house, and collect things inside. She's also a fan of putting things in the trashcan. It's a dangerous combination when she gets into my purse, then heads to the garbage.

Her latest favorite activity, "paper" and "colors" as she calls it.

She recently started "cheesing" for the camera, too.

Looking at books on the iPad.

Love, Meghan

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