01 June 2008


Ryan and I got home late last night from a quick three day trip to California. We drove over on Thursday and spent the latter part of the day in Malibu. We met up with a childhood friend of mine, Lani, for dinner at a yummy sushi place in Hollywood. It was great to see her again... I think it had been about 2 or 3 years! On Friday we headed down to the Santa Monica Pier and spent some time walking around and enjoying the beautiful weather. Later that day we drove down to Costa Mesa where Ryan met up with his friends to practice music for the next day's wedding. I love to see him with his old friends playing music because you can see how much fun they have together! We spent that night in Costa Mesa. Saturday was Dan and Becca's wedding (the reason for our trip to California). It was beautiful! The weather could not have been any nicer. They had a fun reception in the backyard of who I'm assuming is a family friend (not quite sure), but either way, it was a gorgeous backyard. The bride and groom looked lovely, of course :) The reception was ended with a little live music done by Dan and his family, along with Ryan, another Ryan and Jerome (who were in the band with Ryan back in Utah) and Jerome's dad. I tell ya, the musical genes run deep with this bunch. I was so impressed by the generations who participated. They were great and it looked like everyone had a lot of fun playing! Ryan and I headed back to AZ right after the reception. We had a great time... we wish the trip didn't have to be so short, but maybe one day when we make our millions we can go on longer vacations! Happy June to everyone! P.S. Over our whole 3 day vacation the only picture we managed to get together was this awesome self shot at Santa Monica Pier :) I also included a pic of the happy couple cause who doesn't love wedding pics?!


Hilary said...

Your right, Meghan. The self-pic is absolutely stunning. Glad you had a fun trip. We really miss you guys. Are you coming to Seattle anytime soon? 'Cuz we sure aren't coming to AZ! It's something to do with, "No money." Anyway, we love you both. Hilary

Mark and Valda Riley said...

I agree with Hilary, you two look great. Your hair is getting so long and I finally get a peek of the braces. You will have to come to WA, so we won't die of heat stroke in AZ :) Sounds like every thing is going great for you and Ryan. Talk to you soon. Love, Valda

Ryan said...

That was so fun to see you guys and play music and for Dan to get married. Wish we could have spent more time, but it was pretty busy. But hey, now we're coming to AZ. so I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to hang out more. Jo and I are pretty excited. You'll have to give us the scoop on the area. Also, for the record, despite my geographic relocation, I am in no way relinquishing my Laker fanship.