17 March 2008

Luck o' the Lewis's

Hello dearest adoring interweb fans. Top o' the morning to you. So, today was delicious, sweet, sweet St. Patrick's day, but it was also my parent's anniversary--I think it is like their 35th or something...it's a long time whatever it is. Also, it is the Mega's and I's (yeah, I said it) one year anniversary of being engaged. That's right, it was a year ago today that I drove the Mega around all over Phoenix-ish to places that were special to her and I and I proposed and she surprisingly agreed to marry me. Yeah, I know, I couldn't believe it either j/k and LOL and ROFL, WTF, right? So, to celebrate this grand occasion, we both decided to go to work and also school. It was exciting. But then, the Mega made corned beef and cabbage (and also potatoes and carrots, but they never seem to get any credit for going into this dish for some reason...crazy Irish people and their bigotry against potatoes and carrots). It was heavenly. I even put some mustard on my corned beef to give a little "hey, hey, hey" to all the Jews out there. Another fun treat was the green water that we drank (which was accomplished by simply turning on the tap to some delicious Arizona tap water...it already comes ready to celebrate for St. Patrick's day...year round!). Louie also enjoyed some delicious green water and he got to lick the plate that my corned beef was on...that was definitely the highlight of his day, except for when he got into the trash earlier this morning. So yes, to quote a poet and a scholar and a gentleman, Ice Cube, "(Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.)...today was a good day." Also, I don't think the Mega is going to let me write the blogs anymore.


Hilary said...

O.k...my brother is weird. But, I laughed out loud, so I think Meghan should let you write the blogs every once in awhile. Glad you had such a fantastic engagement anniversary (life certainly doesn't stop for these special occasions). Take care, Bobie, and "Hi" to Meghan. Love you guys. Hil

Ryan said...

Lou! You are hilarious man. Remember at your dinner the night before your wedding - I was laughing like that. Looks like BHD will reunite once again... That will be fun.

Heather said...

Hey dudes! Sweet post, Floof! Anyways, so about that third season... Ha Ha! Love ya, bye!