18 May 2013

11 Weeks

Nora this week according to Dad:

"Nora is a little overdramatic. She likes to raise her hand a lot like she has questions, but her question is usually "wahh wahh wahh."   She smells great, except for when she poops, which is most of the time. She has really pretty eyes and she has a fun smile. I just wish I could see it more. She likes looking at lights. So, I guess she is part moth. She is a pretty fun girl and I like it when she likes to snuggle."

I actually thought he would say more about how Nora likes to flip out at the drop of a hat, usually every night around dinner. I think they call it the "witching hour." She is such a temperamental baby. I have even brought her into the pediatrician a few times convinced that something was "wrong" with her.... reflux, colic, something?! But, alas, she is just a fussy baby. :) 

Other than the semi-occassional, but very intense, fits of rage, she is just a normal little two month baby. She smiles and coos and sticks her hands in her mouth. She likes to be sung to and rocked. She doesn't mind the car so long as it's moving... darn red lights! She likes to be worn in the wrap and sling and going on rides in the stroller. And she SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! Seriously, I need to cut this girl some slack because she does sleep through the night. It's amazing! 

Her two month stats were:
Weight: 9 lbs. 9.5 oz (6th percentile)
Height: 22" (16th percentile)
Head: 15.16" (45th percentile)


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