24 April 2013

8 Weeks

Our little Nora girl is 8 weeks old today! Time is passing by so quickly, especially now that I'm back at work and we're into our old routine again. Here's a few tidbits about Nora this week:

-She started going to the babysitter, Miss Kristen, with Eva while Mom is at work. She is doing great there and taking a bottle like a champ. 
-She slept for 7 hours the past two nights! 
-She LOVES to be worn in the ring sling, moby, or wrap... still not so much interested in being put down.
-She is still the reigning champ for our fussiest child. Eva was a breeze as a baby and Nora is a little more "needy" shall we say. We love her just the same, though. :)


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