26 August 2012

Camping at Kalaloch Beach

Ryan, Eva and I spent that weekend camping with friends at Kalaloch Beach (about 20 minutes south of Forks). We had the best time and I'm already kicking myself for not bringing out camera. Ryan snagged a few iphone pictures, though.

We arrived around 6 p.m. on Friday night, set up camp, took a few walks with Eva and got to bed early. It's so nice to just be together as family with no distractions (i.e. Ryan checking his iphone every 2 minutes!). It was a little colder than we expected given that we were right on the ocean, and we woke up pretty chilly on Saturday morning. I was craving a hot breakfast, and since I only packed muffins, fruit and juice for breakfast, we decided to go eat at the Kalaloch Lodge which was just about 5 minutes down the road. It was so nice, we sat right by the window with a view of the ocean. 

Saturday was one of my most favorite days as a mom. We spent the entire morning at the beach. Eva was thrilled by it all -- the freezing cold water, the sand, and having her little friends to play with. The weather was perfect with a nice breeze coming in to keep us cool. We went back to camp to eat lunch and attempt to get Eva to take a nap. She's pretty much weaned herself off of naps these days and it's usually a lost cause, but she fell asleep in less than a minute which meant Ryan and I were able to take an afternoon snooze, too. 

After lunch and naps, we headed back down to the beach. This time Eva loved climbing all over the huge (like 6 feet in diameter and 50 feet long) pieces of driftwood. I enjoyed chatting with the moms and Ryan and the dads did their thing, too. We had a pot luck dinner with our friends that night. We topped the whole day off with a fire on the beach and s'mores. This was my favorite part of our whole trip. I was able to look up at the stars, hear the crashing of the ocean, be warmed by the fire, and snuggle with my girl. Eva fell asleep in my arms that night. It was pure bliss and a night I hope to never forget. 


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