24 February 2012

Saving Money: Eating Out

This just in: we're broke! Not in the we-can't-pay-our-bills way, but in the we're-paying-back-our-student-loans way. So, lately I've been really trying to be diligent about saving money. I've been shopping with coupons more and setting a goal to save at least 25% each week on groceries. We've cut way back on extra spending (going out to eat, clothes, etc.). We read "The Total Money Makeover" and we're pumped about paying off our debt!

So, with all that said, I was excited to see this morning that restaurant.com is doing their $2 for $25 in restaurant certificates sale. I snagged five $25 restaurant certificates and only paid $13!!  I'm definitely no expert to this whole thrifting-couponing-saving deal, but I'm trying, and I think this latest score was a good one.

 Anyone reading this: use the code MEMORIES to get your own restaurant deals!

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