13 February 2012

Most current Evaisms

I'm currently sitting on the bed in the playroom watching Eva play, and I just love hearing the conversation she has with herself. It prompted me to quickly jot down a few of the current phrases she says that make us laugh.

While rummaging through some toys, she exclaims "hey found it!" then promptly puts the puzzle piece she just found in it's home.

While getting ready for work one morning, she came to me and said "Eva helping with laundry." She was, in fact, loading and unloading the hamper.

The other morning, Ryan was singing "Farmer in the Dell," and Eva took off to her play room. A few moments later, she surfaced with her "Farmer in the Dell" book in hand. Neither Ryan nor I had read that particular book to her in over a month or so. I don't even know where she got it from. Ryan thought she was a genius for that one.

She now says "diaper change" when.... Well, you know.

She says "rock a baby" when she wants to be picked up and held like a baby.

She requests "colors" (markers) and "paint" about 457 times an hour.

She points out hearts wherever we see them (which are easy to spot this season) so I hear "heart!" a lot.

If you ask, "Eva, who is your best friend?" she quickly responds with "Max!" Max is her babysitters 9 year old son and Eva absolutely adores him (luckily the feeling is mutual).

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