15 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a nice Valentine's Day here at Casa Lewis. Eva and I baked cookies on Monday and decorated them with frosting and sprinkles. Her job was mostly quality control, but she took her duty very seriously! Eva also got to attend the Valentine's Day party in the kindergarten classes at my school (because her babysitter's son is in kindergarten). I picked her up from the party and she was on cloud nine. In true Eva form, she was bopping around the entire classroom in search of food and treats. This girl sure knows how to eat!

 Normally, I'm not a fan of "character" clothing, but this shirt was pretty cute. She is in LOVE with Elmo, and she loved this shirt. Kristen, her babysitter, told me that she was pointing her shirt out to people all day.
It was hard to get a good picture of her hair, but it looked so cute. I found the idea on Pinterest, of course. You put two pigtails in, then split each pigtail in half, twist the halves into a heart, and clip it at the bottom.
Me and my sweet Valentine. I love you, Eva Simone!

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