19 January 2012

Snowed In Day #2

What do you do when you're stuck in the house for the second day in a row? Organize. I've been meaning to re-organize the pantry for awhile now because a) we don't need to keep old half-eaten cereal that we didn't like, b) why the heck do I have 4 bags of brown rice?, and c) it looked like poo. 

Here's the before shot. The recycling is overflowing... it's Ryan's job to take it out... :)
 My assistant performing quality control. The pretzel thins passed.
 Everything out. Yes, that is a Little Caesars box.. it's $5!... don't judge. We immediately regret eating that crap. Shoulda gone to Subway that night.
Ahh, much better! All baking supplies on top, canned/glass on second shelf, boxed items on third, recycling and break maker on bottom. Notice how I didn't take out the recycling, just made it much neater. It's freezing outside and my backyard is practically an ice rink, so I think we'll wait on the recycling.
Yeah, this is the most boring post ever. Tomorrow is another snow day. Maybe I'll tackle the linen closet. :)

Love, Meghan

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