11 April 2010

Eva's Room

We have been working really hard on getting the nursery finished over the last few weeks and today we put just about all the finishing touches on. We ended up painting twice because we didn't like the first color that we tried. We're really happy with the final color. I absolutely love the room! It's so calming and I like just going in there and just taking it all in! I can't believe we'll have our little one in a few weeks!

My brother, sister-in-law, and her mom got us this awesome changing table. I have heard so many mixed opinions about changing tables... some say they use them, others say it's just easier to change diapers on the floor or wherever you happen to be. I'm happy we have one... and as of now I'm saying that we will use it a lot! Thanks, Mark, Valda, and Kathy!

My dad bought us this adorable glider and ottoman. I'm happy that I got it in yellow. I think it's works really well with the nursery. I have quite a few colors in there, but I think they all tie in together nicely!
This dresser has actually been in my family since my oldest brother was a baby... 38 years ago! It was used by all three of my brothers and myself. It used to be yellow, but I sanded it down and painted it white to go with the nursery furniture. There is a cradle that goes with it that we're still in the process of refinishing that we will have in our room with us for the first few months.

I posted a picture of this crib before, but here it all all set up with the bedding. I love this bedding! I really wanted something with animals on it. It was hard to find because most of the animal bedding is for boys, so when I saw this one I fell in love with it! My mom saw those wall hangings and loved them so she got those for us to go with the theme.

Also, my mom made those yellow curtains for the nursery! Our house has four sliding glass doors and she has helped me make curtains for all of them. I love the yellow curtains! We just put them up tonight and now the nursery finally feels done!

This is just the view from the door to try and get the whole effect.

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Tina said...

That room is absolutely adorable! I love the colors, and your crib and changing table...so stylish! :) And I garantee you'll love the changing table! Who wants to get down on the floor in the middle of the night to change a diaper? Not me! I LOVE ours! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy! Can't wait to see the little angel!