15 March 2010

Eva's 4d ultrasound goodness

They say a new sucker is born everyday. Apparently our daughter is one of them. Here she is sucking on her umbilical cord... tasty!

Chilling out and also being swallowed by a blob. She kind of looks like Benjamin Button. I can't decide if it's at the end of the movie, or at the beginning.

"I'm trying to sleep! Stop poking me, lady!"

"Lewis, you could palm a baseball with those toes." She has her Dad's feet. Notice the second toe is longer than the first... not a trait she got from her Mom!

Kinda smiling. We'll see if photoshop can make it so she really smiles.

Other 4-d (or 3-d, we've yet to determine what the 4th d is) highlights:
-Apparently she's got a full head of dark hair, which might explain Mom's heartburn.
-She's butt up, head down and ready to rumble.
-She does not like being poked and prodded... we might have a little feisty one on our hands. She looked a little upset that we disturbed her sucking of her umbilical cord.

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Heather said...

So Awesome! I can't wait to meet this lil precious! I'm sure the anticipation is killin' you! Thanks for sharing these rockin' awesome pics!!!