30 December 2009

Resolutions Revisited

I was scrolling through our blog today and came across a post from last new year with my resolutions. This is what I wrote:

1. Start exercising regularly. (Ryan and I got a jump start on this yesterday, actually, with a 2-mile walk!)
2. Find a volunteer opportunity or community service project to become involved with.
3. Go back to school for my teacher certification and masters degree.
4. Stop worrying about the small things.
5. Learn how to be more thrifty/frugal and better stick to the budget.

So, how did I do?

-I still don't exercise "regularly." I don't know what it is, but I stink at getting into an exercise routine. Ryan and I joined the local YMCA, which is brand new and awesome, but I still have only gone a handful of times. Looks like this one is going to make it on to the 2010 resolution list.

-Volunteering... Ryan and I became aware of a local cause that we're really interested in. We've donated money, but as of yet there is no opportunity to volunteer. It's on our radar though, and we're ready to help out when needed, but maybe I should find something else to become involved with as well.

-I did go back to school! I've already completed my first quarter of a seven quarter Master in Teaching with teacher certification program. I'm so happy that I went back to school. It's been pretty great so far.

-Hmmm... I guess I'm just a worrier by nature. I do think I've made some progress, however. Some things I just need to let roll off the shoulders, though. There's always room for improvement in this area with me.

-We have been a million times better with our budget this year. We have managed to make a budget and stick to it, look for deals, and even save some money!

Guess it's time to make my resolutions for 2010!

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