08 September 2009

School is Cool

I feel like I've been in school for an eternity. And I have. Well, not really an eternity, but it's been over 6 years since I graduated high school and I can now proudly say (very loudly) "I'M A COLLEGE GRADUATE!!" Sheesh! It's about stinkin' time!

Most of you know, I struggled a little (o.k., A LOT) with one measly class that I needed to graduate. Science. Yuck. I strongly dislike college science course. Mostly because I'm not good at them. I don't know exactly what it is, but I must just go to a happy place when I'm sitting in a science class because I leave knowing quite possibly less than I did when I sat down. Now, don't get me wrong. I love learning and scientific-y stuff fascinates me... I mean, I could watch Discovery Health for hours, but c'mon, sit through a two hour biology lecture... bleh!

The second part of my problem was that I made the mistake (not once, but twice!) of trying to take biology online. As if science courses are not hard enough for me, online was not a bright decision on my part. Both times, my wonderful husband helped me with daily assignments and studying, but I just didn't put the time into really learning the material to do well on the exams. Long story short, I didn't finish either time because I got too overwhelmed and too far behind on my reading to do well enough on the final exam.

So, after much obvious stress over this lovely situation, I decided to take a science course here in Washington at a local community college. And I didn't take biology! No, no, my friends... I took physical geography! Watching paint try would have been more fun than taking this class (my professor sounded like that dry eyes guy....you know, Ben Stein). I stuck with it though and came out with a lovely A- which I quickly transferred to ASU. Which gets me to the reason for this very long and boring post... I received my diploma in the mail today!!!

I'll admit, it's a little anticlimactic since I didn't attend any sort of graduation ceremony to just open my diploma, but either way, I'm dang excited and quite proud of myself! Ryan played a little Pomp and Circumstance when I got home and handed me my much anticipated envelope, which was pretty cute of him!

So, now onto my next venture... a Master's degree. At least I don't have to take any general science courses! I've applied and been accepted to City University and I start on October 3rd. I'm really excited about this program. Classes meet on Saturdays for about 8 hours, so I'm able to continue working. When I'm done in 7 quarters I will have a Masters in Teaching and a Washington State Teacher Certification!! Whew, I can't wait!

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Ryan said...

Meghan that's so rad! It must feel good to finally get that done. Congrats on the Master's program too. That should be awesome.