04 February 2009

Day 14 - 2/4/09

Why did I post a picture of spices? Great question. Well, my sweet husband decided to make dinner tonight (which I'm thrilled about). So, I called him on my way home from work, like usual, and he told me that he was making a list of the ingredients he needed to make Ropa Vieja (one of the dishes he learned how to make in Spain). He was listing off some of the ingredients he needed, and I was telling him that it sounded like we had most of them. WELL, seems as though he got tired of listening to me, because when I got home I saw a receipt for $61.00!! I was a little shocked because he only got ingredients for one meal (and a tube of Pringles). He told me that is was so expensive because he spent $17 on spices. Yikes! Now, I know spices are spendy, so it is what it is, right? Wrong. The lovely three pictured spices are now duplicates in our household (or will be until I return them tomorrow). He spent $15.58 on spices we already had. One of our new years resolutions was to be better with our money and more frugal. Off to a good start, right? I think not. Oh well, at least he's making dinner :)

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