29 June 2008

The Big Move

So, I know Ryan and I may seem like we change our minds a million times... so, here's the latest. We've decided to move back to Washington! We're really excited about our new adventure AND a little sad to leave our family and friends in Arizona. We're heading up to Washington over Labor Day weekend. I will be receiving my bachelors degree at the end of the summer and will be looking at starting grad school in the next year. Ryan is going to continue taking classes online through ASU and will hopefully be done in the next year or two. We're currently looking for jobs up in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Ryan is really enjoying working in web development still so he is looking to continue in that line of work. He's also in the process of creating his own websites to start his portfolio in hopes of starting his own company in the next couple of years. I would love to get a job with a school district as a paraeducator until I start grad school. So, that's our plan in a nutshell....

Here's a picture of the beautiful-ness that we're moving to!

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Hilary said...

HURRAY!!!!! Are you guys seriously moving up here??? I am so excited. Best decision you'll ever make (hee, hee). O.k. and amen to the "beautifullness"--the Northwest rocks. Let us know the details. Love you guys. Hilary